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Day 6 - Bone Pain

Day 6 – Bone Pain

Hi all – Good news and bad news. The bad news is that Sally had a rough day. She woke up and was whimpering and crying for quite some time, even when being held and walked around. That’s very unusual for her, when Nicole or I hold her she’ll typically calm down right away. This […]

Day 5 - Off Isolation

Day 5 – Off Isolation

Hi all – I’m here with Sally at MSK tonight. Nicole went home to see the boys, her first time leaving the hospital since she arrived Monday morning. It is a much needed break for her and know the boys were looking forward to seeing their Mommy. She’ll head to work tomorrow for the day, […]

Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving Photos

Hi all – we just wanted to share a couple quick photos from yesterday. The boys and I arrived from Florida at 2pm, AnnMarie picked us up and took us home to Brooklyn so we could grab the car and head into Memorial Sloan-Kettering. I also thought to grab a bottle of wine and throw […]

Isolation Day 3 & Disney

Hi all – this is Nicole, I wrote the below last night but wasn’t able to send until now, so Happy Thanksgiving! Sweet Sally and I had a good day, first off, her marrow tests came back negative so she is still in remission, great news so Matt an I can breath for a few weeks […]

Day 2 in Isolation - by Mama

Day 2 in Isolation – by Mama

This is Nicole, I’m sending this update from my phone. Apologies for typos in advance. Sally slept very well and woke up playing peek a boo with her blanket. A good start to the day. Shortly after she was uncomfortable and was given morphine. She had morphine twice and round the clock anti nausea. It […]

Admitted Update

Admitted Update

Hi all – as I wrote earlier, Sally was admitted this morning due to a fever and low blood counts, and is in isolation with a cold. I spoke to Nicole earlier, and we misunderstood Sally’s counts, her WBC is .3, her ABS is actually .0. Basically, she has no immune system. Her platelets are […]


Hi all – Sally was scheduled to have chemo and start steroids today, however after a rough week Nicole noticed early this morning that she was very pale. She was also whimpering, even when being held so Nicole decided to head in early. Turns out that Sally’s blood levels are very low and she developed […]

Busy Weekend

Busy Weekend

Hi all – since our update on Thursday, we had quite the busy weekend. On Friday night, Nicole and I attended Hope Fest, a fundraiser for pediatric cancer right here in Brooklyn. It was put on by Frankie’s Mission, one of the non-profits that contributed to Sally’s fundraiser in October. They featured a video that […]

Cycle 4 - Maintenance 1

Cycle 4 – Maintenance 1

Hi all – This morning Sally kicked off her 4th cycle of treatment, she received a spinal tap with an injection of chemo into her spine like she has many times in the past. With the first two months being 30-day cycles, and the last one being 60-day, she is now in her 5th month […]

Busy Week by Mama

Busy Week by Mama

Hi Everybody, This is Nicole. Sally has done well post three days of chemo. Overall she has been active and even eating a little. The last three weeks I’ve been going to MSK on some of our days off for additional OT/PT. This past week, we’ve had a few breakthroughs and reached some milestones. Sally […]