Day 4

Hi all – She’s pretty in purple, huh? I’ve also been able to update the site with pictures and the About section finally. With me returning to work today and then coming right home to get the boys to bed, this is all second hand from Nicole. Like a typical husband, I’m sure I got about 80% of what she said. OK maybe 60%. Most updates will likely come at night now after I’ve gotten home from work and put the kids to bed.

Sally had another good day, and a very active one at that. They were able to get steroids into her by using dissolvable tabs, which is a huge relief for all of us. The only side effect so far is they make Sally a bit hyper, it takes her awhile to calm down. This is probably why she had energy for physical therapy, occupational therapy, baby yoga, music class and some other activities on the pediatric floor today…and is still awake. Also, Sally got rid of the fluid she was retaining and is down to a normal weight. Nicole got to give her a shot for the first time today, which I’m sure wasn’t easy.

Unfortunately we had two new roommates the last 24 hours, and both had to be taken right back out to isolation with colds. We’re hoping Sally didn’t catch this from either of them, especially since her White Blood Count (WBC) is almost zeroed out intentionally. I also feel bad for those kids. As of now, Sally is on schedule to come home tomorrow, however Dr. Steinherz cautioned Nicole that there is a very good chance we could wind up right back in the hospital with a fever, even hours after leaving. Nicole and I would like to make the attempt to get her home, even if its just a short family vacation where the boys can see her and we can spend a little time together.

When Sally had her blood transplant, we were told the blood was donated directly to her a few weeks ago. We were able to determine whose blood it was and thanks to Facebook, I was able to just thank them personally. So cool! Thanks to all who donated, it went to a good cause, we will let you know if more is needed.

MSK gave us some books and a stuffed duck with lcancer’, complete with central line that Nicole used to educate Thomas on Leukemia. This morning I found Thomas reading the book with Mr. Ducky, and he asked me what Sally’s WBC was last night. He also made sure to put his shoes on in the stairway and yell at me to do the same. Nicole honey, you did a great job teaching him. He even took Mr. Ducky to camp with him today to show the other kids:

We’ve started a Facebook page for Sally, you can Like it at:

Also, I want to thank the anonymous person who sent us a Fresh Direct order, its much appreciated. Please reach out, we’d like to thank you. We also want to thank those who have sent donations, again it is hard for us to ask for and accept help, but know we’ll need it for this long journey.

Hopefully tomorrow’s update will have HOME in the title. Please keep Sally in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. colette
    colette July 18, 2013 at 10:29 pm | | Reply

    Hi. Sweet Sally Sunshine purple is a beautiful color for you God be with you . I hope and pray for you and the family every night and day. love to all.

  2. Joyce Blondo
    Joyce Blondo July 18, 2013 at 10:41 pm | | Reply

    Sally, you are beautiful, I am praying for you, but, you will be fine, I just know it! You are strong like your grandma Sally, I am a good friend of hers, Joan’s sister. We are all rooting for you!!

  3. Sister Virginia Lake
    Sister Virginia Lake July 19, 2013 at 10:28 am | | Reply

    Matt, you are Nicole are truly amazing!!! Hope Nicole still had some energy, after watching Nicole go through her paces. Prayers for all.

  4. Marcia Bolivar
    Marcia Bolivar July 19, 2013 at 8:08 pm | | Reply

    Purple is the color of royalty and you will triumph like the lil queen of our hearts that you are Sally xoxoxoxo

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